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And it knows long before we do that the end of our suffering begins when we turn to face our suffering and embrace its truth and healing wisdom. Loss and betrayal tear open the heart. Look through this gate for the wisdom that lies there. What matters now? What would the wise ones do now? Go to the mirror. NOTE: If the presentation catches up to the end of the bar, you might experience the same thing again. If this happens, pause the presentation again and allow the file to download and buffer again.

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Skip Course Menu. View Now! Children's Ministries Institute Courses. Refresher Courses for Instructors of Teachers. Proctor Courses. FREE Demonstrations. CMI Online Tutorials. You are currently using guest access Log in. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Witt Goodreads Author. Bravery is being the only one who knows you're afraid. And nearly breaking some furnit Bravery is being the only one who knows you're afraid. And nearly breaking some furniture in the process.

His coveted trident…and the man he loves. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details The Only One 1. California United States. Other Editions 4. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Aug 31, Gigi rated it it was ok Shelves: mm-military , everyone-liked-it-but-me. What a bummer! This turned out to be a dud for me. I'm a huge fan of military romance and don't mind the action scenes at all, I understood all the lingo, but I just didn't connect with the two MCs.

I didn't like how they got together it felt creepy to me , I didn't feel their passion and this book never really held my attention. I'm gonna go with the very real possibility that S. Jakes and Kendall McKenna have ruined me for military romance. They just continue to knock me on my ass eve Crap! They just continue to knock me on my ass every time, without fail!

I'm putting this on my everyone liked it but me shelf since the vast majority are loving this book, so be sure to look at other reviews before deciding to read this one. For me, I needed more emotion and passion and I just didn't get that here. View all 9 comments. Review written for The Blog of Sid Love.

Who Knows Tomorrow

This was one hot exciting ride pretty much from the get go. Eventually, they learn each other is gay, and things really heat up. They give in to having a one-night stand that was so full of alpha testosterone, you could hardly breathe. I loved the dynamics and how everything played out when the battle for dominance finally ended. The guys then attempt to ignore each other while training finishes up, and they are successful as graduation approaches. So, they discreetly continue their relationship. Unfortunately, Benson, one of the team members, learns about them and tries to use the information to his advantage.

Not long after, the team is deployed on a mission to extract a POW, where things really heat up. The action is exciting and just long enough to keep you interested. The writing was solid, just as I expected from these authors. I quickly fell in love with the both of them and was definitely not ready for their story to end. They still have some challenges ahead, especially Flint, so hopefully we will get to see those play out in book 2. View all 13 comments. The story is far from over but this first book ends in a satisfying way and we leave the MCs in a place where they have their whole future head of them.

No cliffhanger, no loose ends, but so many possibilities for more of their story, which we get with two more books! I liked this first book a lot. The characters where amazing and their past was very nicely portayed. I liked how they reconnected after years apart and how they separated their personal and professional relationships. It reminded me The story is far from over but this first book ends in a satisfying way and we leave the MCs in a place where they have their whole future head of them.

If you like military men, secret relationships and a bit of action then it's a safe bet you're going to love this story! View all 18 comments. Nov 27, Susan65 rated it it was amazing Shelves: absolute-favorites , read-with-jen. This is a real pantie scorcher, so be prepared to be wowed. Josh is the struggling trainee, but one with the potential to be a great leader, and David sees it, so he pushes Josh harder than anyone else. David is a real ass-kicker and doesn't hold back in his sometimes brutal training.

You will be the best SEAL possible, or quit, period. There is also that undeniable spark between Josh and David, hidden but smoldering…until Josh accidentally outs himself to David. Josh is beyond freaked out, but when David outs himself in response, then all bets are off. What happens next is one of the hottest sex scenes I've read in a long, long, time, and these two definitely rank way up there in my all time favorite main character roles.

Three years pass before they end up together again…and on the same SEAL team. Watching the two alpha males in action is almost as stimulating as vicariously experiencing their bedroom acrobatics. Those two make bruises sexy. Sadly, their first mission together ends up being their last. I have a whole new world of respect for these guys and their families.

It definitely requires balls of steel to do what they do. That being said, this is a romance novel, so it does come with a strong HFN but one heading straight for that requisite HEA. This is the first book of the series, so I have no doubt that book two will solidify the HEA that is started here. Highly recommend to everyone, and especially to those who get all warm and gooey over hot military men like I do. View all 16 comments. I can guarantee that Cat Grant and L.

Witt have written this first book in their 'Only One' series for ME. In my world they are the second hottest military personnel after the US Marine Corps. In fact, my husband ripped my iPad out of my hands to ensure I'd get some sleep. I've heard some of the horrors, seen the Hollywood movie versions, but jumping right into it with Chief David Flint screaming at Lieutenant Josh Walker was eerily terrifying and my body hurt watching the paces Josh was put through. And, what I saw was just a tiny amount of the whole hellish training. A few weeks later when training is on hold for the holidays and everyone is out at the bar, Flint and Josh run into each other.

Josh is surprised to discover that Flint graduated from the Academy, too, spent six years in the Marines, decided he wanted to be a SEAL, so he gave up his commission and enlisted in the Navy. Pretty damn impressive. Josh offers to drive Flint home as Josh is stone cold sober and Flint had a couple. Along the way, Flint teases him about taking Josh away from the only tail he's going to see in a while, and, well, that's when it inadvertently comes out that Josh is gay. Now Josh doesn't know what to think as Flint hasn't said anything negative, but he's also acting very uncomfortable even though he offers to let Josh wait inside his apartment for the cab.

Oh' Flint took another step towards him.

I was pretty much a bundle of limp goo at the end. Thanks, Cat and Lori, I needed that. Fate either loves these two or hates them. I wasn't really sure for a while. It certainly doesn't take David and Josh much time to get back between the sheets, even knowing if found out both of their careers would be in the toilet. We've both worked way too hard to get where we are, and I don't want I'm just not sure that's what we'd be doing.

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I despise people like that! Dear goddess, you're a Navy SEAL for chrissakes, you should never stoop to blackmail to get a good eval. On a lighter note, I was really impressed with the authors' military lingo and the action scenes for the team's deployment. It was very exciting and I got really caught up in the moment. I felt like I was right there being terrified with Josh waiting for some information from the hospital on David's status from his gunshot wound.

Returning stateside isn't exactly the relief it should be as Josh's higher-ups are all wondering why he didn't tell anyone he was being blackmailed and then he took his whole team, including the chief, on the mission.

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It seems they somehow believe Josh was going to give the chief a glowing eval and not deal with this at all, no matter how many times Josh explains that he didn't want this issue upsetting the team before a mission and he wouldn't have been able to replace the chief, who is also their medic, before they were scheduled to deploy. Politics, yuck. Oh, I really adored this story and can't wait for the next one. I fell for both Josh and David, and rooted for their happy ending the whole time. It broke my heart when David got the medical discharge after nineteen years in the military.

Seeing these guys get their happy ever after made everything worthwhile and now I'm on pins and needles for the next installment. View all 4 comments. Jan 08, S E. Jakes rated it it was amazing. Can't wait for book 2 same characters - there's resolution at the end, a nice HFN tho. I see you all judging me, wondering why I can't give HFNs to my own books May 08, Heather K dentist in my spare time marked it as to-read Shelves: bought-but-haven-t-read-yet , free.

View 2 comments. I am surprised that this book was written by two writer's , because the flow is seamless!!! Gosh, I loved this book so much, it was exciting and fun, and gosh it really held my attention, I'm glad I have a book 2 to go to, cuz, these guys are awesome to read.

Love the storyline Loved the romance Loved, love, loved the pace, or rather the passing of time, IMO it was done well, this book did not feel heavy or bogged down with endless pages of blah, blah, no this was seamless. Jan 01, Simsala rated it liked it Shelves: wuss-safe , m-m , soldiers-military , contemporary.