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At the time, friends said the backpacker appeared to be under her attacker's 'spell'.

Within days the relationship began to sour as he became 'obsessive and clingy. Martin raped Ms Greer in a hotel room in Cairns before kidnapping her. Ms Greer had been driving a white Mitsubishi Pajero through Mitchell when she stopped at a petrol station to fill up. The attendant said she had tears streaming down her face and was unable to pay for the fuel. She had said she had come from England.

The Invisible Way Guns Are Used To Keep Women In Abusive Relationships

To know that she was over here and she didn't have anyone to contact,' Ms Page said. The victim drove off without paying and the attendant immediately called police. A dramatic rescue took place hours later when police pulled over the four-wheel drive, finding the distraught and badly beaten Ms Greer at the wheel.

But Ms Greer told news.

Johnny Cash//I Hung My Head lyrics

She said the incident changes how she feels in Utah, a state where African Americans account for just 1. Census figures.

She Held A Gun To My Head

I do not feel that he is safe. He has not left my sight. Mother says Utah officer pulled gun on her black son. Hrubes is calling for an independent investigation after she says a police officer pointed a gun at her year-old son's head in what she calls a racially motivated incident.

Watchdog says police response to gun caller was 'justified' - BBC News

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