Holiday Quickies 2 (ein spritziges Sexabenteuer) (German Edition)

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Fresh juice and glasses. Apple, strawberry, orange fruit with faces.

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Richard Passwater interviews Andrew W. Saul is a man who enjoys his work. But do not be misled into thinking that the fun you will have reading this book makes its message any less serious.

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Saul is a committed activist and therapist who has brought sound nutritional information to thousands through his books, newsletters, and lectures. Enough to make them work hard hours, fighting off frogs and mice in an overgrown vegetable garden, and then drink the juices from their own organic produce?

Enough to resist their complaints and overcome their and our own laziness? Enough to turn our backs on a totally unhealthy upbringing and start a relentless campaign to save them from antibiotics, vaccinations, pharmaceuticals, and chronic disease? That is how much Andrew Saul loved his children.

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Andrew Saul proves by the rich and varied activities of his life, that if you are healthy you will have plenty of time for work and fun. It's funny. Madison Avenue There are a lot of very good juicing books. We wrote a funny book to make it fun to read. We have stories and tales and experiences to share, from the oddities of our childhood to our oddities as parents. There is something in this book to embarass nearly everyone in our extended family, including ourselves.

Ah, but that is what great literature is all about!

When you actually relish working with adolescent kids with attitude, it sort of rubs off. And Now a World from our Sponsor. The authors have no financial connection whatsoever with any company in the health products industry. We do not make a dime from the sale of juicers, or vitamins, or foods.