Holiday Quickies 2 (ein spritziges Sexabenteuer) (German Edition)

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The terror of trespass into the original GDR sites and attempted assassination within the Iraq embassy is narrated in two channels of sound. This is the office of every ambassador after their power is fractured, the broken circle.

Sign up to our newsletters for the latest creative news, projects and more delivered straight to your inbox. Bobby Fischer sat forward, his hand covering his mouth and his elbow resting on the table in front of him. His eyes firmly fixed down on the chequered surface below, the American leant forward out of his black leather chair and moved his Bishop from E6 to D7. Across the table from him sat Boris Spassky, a Soviet. It was at Camberwell College of Arts that she developed this style, using her illustrations as a way to overcome the language barrier between her and other students.

Sehnsucht, Op. 112, No. 1 (Johannes Brahms)

For a lot of artists, the first brush with paint usually comes at an early age. Frequently circling between Beijing, Shanghai and Europe, Jin learned his craft as a photography assistant in this native capital city.

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Do Not Draw a Penis is the latest ingenious project from Amsterdam-based interactive design studio, Moniker. His work, in its capacity to act as an interface between people, organisations and communities, intersects with fashion, print and philosophy.

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Get stuck in! BFR Mag Issue Another month, another Nicer Tuesdays! Cabeza Patata is an illustration and animation duo formed of Katie Menzies and Abel Reverter, who split their time between London and Barcelona. This Nicer Tuesdays, Katie and Abel will be talking through their recent work for Spotify, which visualises our ever-changing moods and the ability of music to help shape and change our feelings.

Purple Schulz - Sehnsucht (Lange LP Version)

Her work is multifaceted and often incredibly technical, seeing her work with directors to bring their ideas to life. For her Nicer Tuesdays talk, however, Deepa will be talking through some of her personal work — in particular, a short film about her father — and her process for producing a film from idea to completion.

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Lovers is a creative agency that started as a handful of creatives, designers, writers and art directors, and has now developed into a few-dozen-strong collective spanning London and New York. Despite the fact that Shinzo Noda freelances for clients such as Nike, Adidas and Supra, most of the work he produces is personal.

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Through design, the Paris-based creative explores design history to create projects which immerse the viewer in a specific atmosphere. Drawing inspiration from underground cultures, he mixes illustration and graphic design as harmoniously as possible to create work that feels distinctively Shinzo. She first graced our screens in and again in — like magpies we were instantly drawn to the bright colours and structural geometry that features throughout her work.

And now she returns with her latest series, Built Work. As a creator of the anthropomorphic, LA-based visual artist Derek Paul Jack Boyle frequently turns to everyday objects for inspiration.

Sehnsucht (Last Night) Sheet Music by Halfdan Kjerulf

As an avid collector of imagery since the age of 15, Rotterdam-based artist and illustrator Maaike Canne has a tremendous pool of inspiration to refer back to. It is a good time to be awake , especially in mid-summer… The sky is turning gray and the spreading elm beyond my window stands clear before the cold accuracy of eyes that are not yet tired by the confusion of the day… The first birds , two mourning doves , a martin and a robin , tentatively announce the bridging of the gap between night and day… Now and then there is a mysterious flock in the elm which wells into a discordant chorus to greet the age-old miracle of day… There is something ritualistic about the whole performance , a part of creation obediently and joyously welcoming the sun , dancing before the Lord , dipping wings as the seraphim are said to do….

I lie quietly as the sky beyond my window turns from gray to blue and the inevitable bruises of the soul seem to heal , the night flies , and my own little acquaintance with grief assumes its true perspective against the majesty of all the years in which He has caused this glory to happen… For a moment I am secluded into peace… the shadow , a hint , a fraction of what is still to come… For suddenly, I know, with a warm contentment, that there will surely be a day when I shall bridge for the last time this chasm, narrow but deep, between the solemnity of the night and the glory of the day… and there will be an angel beyond the window… visible only to God and to me… and a voice, far beyond the stammering of earth, telling me to come home….

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