Holiday Quickies 2 (ein spritziges Sexabenteuer) (German Edition)

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There is an intimate relationship between our food choices, our bodies, and our environment. Caroline Dupont, a holistic nutritionist, shares a wealth of wisdom and helps us connect to the more subtle energies food has on our bodies and spirit.

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Readers will learn how to create meals that are nutritionally sound, emotionally balanced, and completely satisfying. Whether cooking for one or trying to please and nourish family members, these tempting recipes are easy-to-prepare and universally appealing. At the heart of this transition to a new dietary consciousness is a three-step approach based on core beliefs around how to eat the optimal diet, create a healthful environment, and achieve balance in your life.

The recipes and ingredients have been simplified for more efficiency with more focus on using local foods, less salt, and more healthful ingredients overall. Maximises flavour in tempting recipes that are easy-to-prepare and universally appealing Includes school lunch ideas, three weeks of quick meals, information on soaking and sprouting and tips for stocking your kitchen.

Book Review: The New Enlightened Eating

Caroline DuPont has decades of experience as a nutritionist, natural foods teacher, meditation guide, and consultant. Holistic nutrition shows the intimate relationship between our food choices, our bodies and spirit, and our environment.

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Revised edition simplified recipes and ingredients and has updated information on the most healthful ingredients and cooking methods. Your email address will not be published.

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