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Since , only four locally generated tsunamis have been observed. The most significant was in in Santa Barbara and Ventura County. Waves were reported at 6 to 10 feet high, and several small buildings were damaged and many ships were destroyed. Visit the TsunamiZone.

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Visit the California Geological Survey. Utilizing tsunami inundation zone maps produced by the U. Geological Survey USGS , the project resulted in city-specific tsunami information and evacuation brochures.

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China earthquake: 5.0 magnitude quake shakes Bay of Bengal - is there tsunami warning?

Earn Double Points. Preferred Seating. Free Sushi. Locations No good thing should go unduplicated — find the Tsunami nearest you! Find Us on our Locations page. Reservations Because nothing pairs better with sushi than complete and utter peace of mind.

As a result, a wave that is relatively small in the open ocean can grow tremendously in size and destructive power when it hits land. The Indian Ocean tsunami in killed an estimated , people in 14 countries, including India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Thailand. It was caused by a powerful earthquake near the island of Sumatra, which created waves up to feet high that sped to coastlines around the region. The tsunami that struck Japan in was caused by an undersea quake off the country's eastern coast.

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The quake triggered waves of up to feet along parts of the coast, causing more than 15, deaths and damaging the Fukushima nuclear plant. The most powerful tsunami in the U.

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It killed people, most not by the quake itself but by the resulting tsunami, which destroyed many buildings along the coast and set fire to oil storage tanks. Emily Roland, a marine seismologist at the University of Washington in Seattle, said Alaska and the Cascadia region in the Pacific Northwest are especially vulnerable to tsunamis caused by earthquakes near their coasts, while the islands of Hawaii are at risk from tsunamis occurring anywhere in the Pacific Ocean.