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Thus, what in the s had appeared revolutionary proved later to be only another facet of the formalistic Petrarchan tradition. Against this background of refinement, obscurity, and unreality, only the simple and moving poems of the Triestine poet Umberto Saba preserved an immediate appeal. This development had been foreshadowed by some writers under fascism. In Alberto Moravia had written a scathing indictment of middle-class moral indifference, Gli indifferenti ; Time of Indifference. The Harvesters ; and Elio Vittorini wrote Conversazione in Sicilia ; Conversation in Sicily ; all definitely promised a new literary development.

Certain English authors, the homegrown veristi , and the ideas of Marxism were also an influence on postwar authors, to whom in varying degrees the rather imprecise label of Neorealism applied also to postwar Italian cinema was attached. It was a stimulating time in which to write, with a wealth of unused material at hand. The Estate in Abruzzi ]. The Naked Streets ] and Metello [; Eng. The Priest Among the Pigeons. Literary tastes gradually became less homogeneous. On the one hand, there was the rediscovery of the experimentalism of Carlo Emilio Gadda , whose best works had been written between and For this reason, it is easier to see Italian writing in terms of individual territory rather than general trends.

Italo Calvino concentrated on fantastic tales Il visconte dimezzato [; The Cloven Viscount ], Il barone rampante [; The Baron in the Trees ], and Il cavaliere inesistente [; The Nonexistent Knight ] and, later, on moralizing science fiction Le cosmicomiche [; Cosmicomics ] and Ti con zero [; t zero ]. Antonio in Love ]. Meanwhile, Alberto Moravia and Mario Soldati defended their corners as never less than conspicuously competent writers. Moravia generally plowed a lone furrow. Of his mature writings, Agostino ; Eng. Empty Canvas stand out as particular achievements. Set in Rome during the years —47, the combination of fact and allegory is a tour de force and one of the most remarkable narrative works that came out of Italy after World War II.

Palomar , continue to explore the possibilities and limitations of literature and its attempt to represent our world. Paradoxically, of all the forms of writing, poetry seems to be the form that was most vibrant during the second half of the 20th century, although one late 20th-century critic remarked that there might have been more poets in Italy than readers of poetry.

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Cucchi and Giovanardi recognized that, in talking about the new poetry, they had to take into account the older, established poets who continued to write and publish verse in their mature years and who inevitably influenced the emerging poets. Poets of the so-called Fourth Generation—from the title of a anthology of postwar verse edited by Pietro Chiara and Luciano Erba—include Erba himself and the poet and filmmaker Nelo Risi, both of them Milanese, as well as the Italian Swiss Giorgio Orelli.

Other Fourth Generation poets of note are epigrammatist Bartolo Cattafi; Rocco Scotellaro, poet of the southern peasant and the most convincing practitioner of Neorealism in verse; the eloquent soliloquist and elegant metricist Maria Luisa Spaziani; Umberto Bellintani, who, though he continued to write, quit publishing in ; and the hypersensitive Alda Merini, for whose work critics find the oxymoron Christian paganism, joyful grief, religious eroticism, mortal liveliness a useful figure. During the s several younger poets began publishing.

Trained as a psychoanalyst, Cesare Viviani made a Dadaist debut, but he went on to express in his later work an almost mystical impulse toward the transcendent. Maurizio Cucchi was another Milanese poet and critic assimilable to the linea lombarda ; when faced with the collapse of the greater constructs, he found solace in little things. Also notable are Mario Santagostini, whose early work described the drab outskirts of his native Milan but who moved on to more metaphysical monologues, and Biancamaria Frabotta, who combined militant feminism with an elevated lyric diction tending toward the sublime.

As with previous avant-garde movements, starting with Futurism, the members of the enlarged Gruppo 63 , who insisted on the inseparability of literature and politics, proposed to subvert the inertia of a repressive tradition through a revolution in language. The traditional literary language, they claimed, was the medium of bourgeois hegemony , and a radical change in the language of literature would somehow shake off the oppression of the military-industrial complex and lead to a general social and political liberation.

This does not seem to have happened, and with the passage of time the members of the group dispersed, going off in different individual directions as their concerns became less public and more personal. He first experimented in this direction when he was invited by Federico Fellini to collaborate on the screenplay of Casanova Another isolated experimental poet was polyglot Amelia Rosselli, who was born in Paris and was a resident of London and New York City before living in Rome.

A musician who developed a complex metrical theory based on notions derived from musical theory, Rosselli published a volume of poetry in English Sleep [] in addition to her work in Italian. After her suicide in , the reputation of this troubled poet continued to grow. A remarkable aspect of 20th-century poetry composed in Italy was the proliferation of cultivated poets who rejected what they saw as the pollution, inauthenticity, and debased currency of the national language. They chose to express an up-to-the-minute nonfolkloristic content, not in supraregional standard Italian but in a local dialect, seen as purer or closer to reality.

Italy has always had a tradition of dialect poetry. During the 19th century two of the greatest writers of the period of romantic realism, Carlo Porta and Giuseppe Gioachino Belli, made the oppressed common people of Milan and of Rome, respectively, the protagonists of their works.

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Actor-playwright Eduardo De Filippo was a prolific author who came into his own after World War II with a series of plays, which included Napoli milionaria! Napoli Milionaria and Filumena Marturano , film ; Eng. Filumena , which, though written in his native Neapolitan dialect, paradoxically achieved international success. Among the last champions of the primacy of the written theatrical text were Pasolini and the Milanese expressionist Giovanni Testori, an uncompromising extremist who progressed from narrative fiction to the theatre and from subproletarian Neorealism to violent Roman Catholic mysticism.

Otherwise, late 20th-century Italian theatre was dominated more by innovative directors and performers than by noteworthy new plays. The feminine condition both contemporary and historical , autobiography, female psychology, and family history and relationships are among the insistent themes of the remarkable number of accomplished women writers active in Italy throughout the 20th century.

Among those whose writing in the late 19th and early 20th centuries laid the groundwork for subsequent women writers were Milanese popular novelist Neera pseudonym of Anna Zuccari ; Neapolitan journalist Matilde Serao , the best of whose 16 social novels is Il paese di cuccagna ; The Land of Cockayne ; humanitarian socialist poet and fiction writer Ada Negri; and anticonformist feminist activist Sibilla Aleramo pseudonym of Rina Faccio , best known for her autobiographical novel Una donna ; A Woman.

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Antifascist Natalia Levi wrote under the last name of her husband, the critic Leone Ginzburg, who died in a fascist jail not long after they were married. Her fiction, best exemplified by Lessico famigliare ; Family Sayings , explores the memories of childhood and middle-class family relationships.

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In such later novels as Voci ; Voices and Buio ; Darkness she turned to the popular genre of detective fiction to explore the problem of violence against women. In in Rome, Maraini founded the feminist theatre collective La Maddalena, for which she subsequently composed more than 60 plays. The case of Gesualdo Bufalino is not dissimilar to that of Satta. He went on to publish several other novels. A truly postmodern phenomenon is that of Umberto Eco , a University of Bologna professor, philosopher, and semiotician who progressed from analyzing genres and deconstructing texts composed by others to synthesizing and constructing his own.

Their novel Q ; Eng. Q narrates the clash between Roman Catholic and Protestant religious extremists and opportunists in 16th-century Reformation Europe. In novels such as Macno ; Eng. Macno and Yucatan ; Eng. His career culminated with the reflections on grief, sickness, and death of Camere separate ; Separate Rooms. Also notable are the short stories and short novels of Antonio Tabucchi —for example, Notturno indiano ; Indian Nocturne and Piccoli equivoci senza importanza ; Little Misunderstandings of No Importance.

Two of the most disinterested and earnestly reflective of the younger writers were Sebastiano Vassalli and especially Gianni Celati.

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Vassalli gradually distanced himself from the more radical experimentalism of Gruppo 63 so as to better exploit his gift for storytelling. Last Lap stages all kinds of events: roadshows, guerrilla events, sampling, trade marketing and press conferences. Gazzetta Selection is a selection of high-quality products that Gazzetta dello Sport recommend to sports passionates: exclusive offers available for a short time only and with significant discounts.

Dedicated to the journalist and writer Dino Buzzati, the room is located in the historic buildings that house the Corriere della Sera in the heart of Milan. Equipped with a spacious foyer with cloakroom and refreshment and cocktail spaces that have an audiovisual link to the room, the Dino Buzzati Room holds comfortable seats plus 4 disabled places and can easily host events for such numbers: from press conferences to conventions, presentations to product launches, and film screenings to exhibitions. The room is set up with Wi-Fi and an interpreting booth, as well as excellent technical facilities and the best audiovisual equipment.

The stage has elegant furniture, a podium with a monitor, various types of microphones and, if required, a table for speakers. The room is completed by a backstage area with a lounge and dressing room directly connected to the room. Available services include hosting, security, management, cleaning and — of course — bespoke services as required.

La Esfera de los Libros was founded in with a clear generalist focus, which is confirmed by its catalogue. In it published its first volumes in Catalan, followed two years later by its first release in Portuguese. The catalogue of La Esfera de los Libros, which initially specialised in non-fiction — including collections of current affairs, history, biographies, self-help and essays — has expanded over the years thanks to the success of a collection of historical novels and fictional works. Today La Esfera de los Libros is renowned among readers and booksellers for its prestige.

It publishes about new works each year. Issued every two weeks in combine with OGGI. It covers debates on new expressive forms, books, stories, art, and content including graphic novels, biographies and reportage. In the tradition of the historic magazine founded in by Luigi Albertini — and from which it takes its name — the cover of each issue is taken up by a work of art graphic, photographic or pictorial by an internationally renowned artist.

There is a wide range of products for health and hygiene, food, wellbeing, accessories and all the latest products. The weekly magazine is available in newsagents as well as in hospitals and directly from the consulting rooms of healthcare staff for expectant and new mothers.

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When it launched the Corriere del Mezzogiorno in , the Corriere della Sera began to establish a presence in many Italian regions, eventually leading to the creation of local publications that are offered for free together with the national newspaper. The range of local publications has now spread far and wide, is backed up by websites, and covers most of Italy.

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They are heavily involved in — and also organise — cultural events and initiatives. In , the north-eastern Italian editions set up CI-Corriere Innovazione , a multimedia project with a monthly publication, a website and a program of themed meetings held across the area. It now also operates in Brescia since and Bergamo since Providing its readers with an ever-changing array of opportunities is one of the key strengths of ViviMilano , which offers readers discounts and benefits, entrance to special events and exclusive competitions and initiatives.

CI-Corriere Innovazione is a multi-platform project that promotes a new culture of innovation in all industries, beyond the boundaries of the hi-tech sector. Founded in by the local Corriere publications in the Triveneto area, CI-Corriere Innovazione has rapidly developed a vibrant, active community: as well as the monthly publication, there is a website and an inspired programme of meetings held across the area.

Io e il mio Bambino, a brand leader in Italy, is also a leading publication in Spain and Mexico, and in France as a digital magazine. The publication is available daily from the Orbyt digital news vendor and weekly in print. It is highly esteemed for the quality of its different sections and has established a presence in the sector thanks to the rigour and objectivity of its content.

The website www. The weekly edition is delivered free, every Monday, to professionals who work in pharmacies, hospitals, laboratories, wholesalers, administration, professional institutes and universities. The print magazine is complemented by a website that is continually updated and offers a daily newsletter. Independence, rigour, news and useful information are the hallmarks of the magazine, which is a flagship publication in the world of pharmaceuticals. The official quarterly publication from the Gruppo Aziende Prima Infanzia The Early Childhood Business Group is distributed to baby shops pregnancy and baby clothes, toys and those operating in the sector businesses and representatives to keep them up-to-date on market figures, news, new product and service launches, trade fairs and international conventions.

His goal is to talk about the topicality of the cosmetic market, with the monitoring of the perfumery channel independent distributors, chains, drug stores and department stores , product analysis and the study of industry and distribution initiatives and strategies. It also presents the global market trend scenarios, offering a selection of news, signals and food for thought.

The group has three sites in Italy that work on local distribution: mdm, ge-dis and to-dis.

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  • It aggregates targets through a continuous and direct relationship with end consumers. It all began with La Gazzetta dello Sport, established in , which even in its early years presented itself to readers as an event organiser. RCS Sport was set up on 22 March and works to affirm the culture and professionalism of sport. Since that day, RCS Sport has tackled new challenges in event organisation, helping its partners in this adventure and working together with them to set new records and build the future of sport.

    Corriere TV is the video channel of the Corriere della Sera. Current affairs and investigative journalism are at the heart of the popular Report Time hosted by Milena Gabanelli, exclusively for Corriere TV. Back in , atthe cutting edge of innovative, cross-media projects, CorrieredellaSera. Adventure, travel, nature and food and drink are the subjects that light up the hunting Caccia and fishing Pesca channels, with documentaries and reports mainly filmed in Italy. With innovative filming techniques and appearances from leading experts in the two sports, the channels provide information, entertainment and advice for getting to know both of these fascinating worlds.

    The brand has also given rise to a game available as an app and successful books relating to the programmes. Active in the beauty industry since February , the site boasts an extensive and well structured portfolio of brands from all over the world. As well as an exclusive e-shop, the site offers different kinds of subscription monthly, six-monthly or annual that allows customers to access a selection of cosmetic products.

    Quimammeshop is the leading e-shop in Italy dedicated entirely to the early years of childhood. It brings together a wide range of high-end brand products and services to meet all the needs of mother and child, with more than 4, reviews and 40 brands. There are also a number of alternative sales channels: catalogue, flash sales, daily deals and subscription. Passion for sport and everything in the Gazzetta universe, available to buy in the Gazzetta Store: clothing, soccer and other sporting items, bikes and Gazzetta accessories, with films, cartoons, comics, models, cars, music and lots of special offers — all just a click away.

    Gazzetta Store is also a physical shop. The big event for the whole family: mums and future mums, dads, grandparents, friends and children are all welcome. The packed schedule over the two days of the fair includes conferences and the chance for parents to meet leading experts, specialists and professionals involved with early childcare… And lots of fun and games for young and old alike.

    It is a unique opportunity for all parents who want to see, touch, compare and buy all the latest and best products and services for taking care of their children, all presented by the very best Italian and international companies in the sector. Reliable information, reports, entertainment and above all sharing, community and participation: Quimamme. The site also runs 3 additional services: web TV, e-learning and the new Quimammeshop. Close relationships with other specialist organisations further broaden and strengthen its offering.

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    It talks to families mindful of latest trends and in search for infos and tips to make the most of the family time to spend together. With interviews, characters, mini-guides, products, inquiries and reportages by the most authoritative Corriere della Sera journalists and RCS writers. Insieme is a long-standing and highly regarded monthly aimed at all families with children, from pregnancy to school age.

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    • It tackles specific issues surrounding relationships, mental wellbeing and news, and is for mothers and fathers alike, while the in-depth reports also mean the magazine appeals to a mid-to-high socio-economic and cultural target group. It responds perfectly to the needs of all future mothers, providing information and reassurance on subjects like nutrition, health, mental wellness, check-ups and courses.